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At Fannin Bank we know how important your business is. No business is created by magic. It takes creativity, commitment, and most of all-a lot of hard work. Consider for example all the elements it takes to protect a business, such as burglar alarms, fire insurance, and maybe security guards with fierce dogs.

You need to make sure that you have given the same consideration to cyber security that you have to physical security. You are not the only stakeholder in your business's security; there are also your vendors, your employees, and your customers. A breach in your network can mean loss of money, loss of information, and loss of trust.

Fannin Bank knows your business is an integral part to our community and our community can't thrive without you. In order to help you build a good cyber security plan Fannin Bank has compiled a list of industry best practice standards.

Key Security Components

"Although you cannot make it completely immune to attacks, there are ways to improve the overall security of your system to make it less vulnerable." - CERT Coordinator Center, Carnegie Mellon University

Identify your risks

Determine what your company’s most critical information assets are, and spend your time and energy protecting what is most important.

Get the CEO involved

Good security has to start from the top, with executives who help create a corporate culture that values security.

Put someone in charge

Security is a complex job, so make sure someone is in charge of coordinating security efforts.

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